My name is Mikaela Engarde. I am the owner of Beloved Roots Birth.

I have had a passion for pregnancy, birth and all things motherhood since childhood. After unexpectedly becoming pregnant and giving birth to my daughter Lilly in 2014, I decided to make the decision to dedicate my life's work in advocating for and supporting women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Certified with The International Doula Institute, I offer both birth and postpartum doula services.

I believe all birth is birth, and while I recognizes birth as a natural, normal, physiological event, I support ALL births.

I consider it a privilege and an honor to support women during such a monumental time in their lives.

Studies now show that the variable for better birth outcomes is constant emotional and physical support during labor.

When a woman feels respected, loved and involved in her birth experience, it leaves her feeling empowered and satisfied with her birth.

There is no one single time in a woman's life more transforming or life changing than that of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

Through advocacy, evidence based education and experienced guidance, Beloved Roots Birth strives to ensure that you have the best pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience possible.

Pregnancy. Birth. Postpartum.

Meet The Doula